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Choosing the best candidate is a simple 4 step process with PexiScore


DEFINE the Job Role

Narrow down your requirements so we can nail them harder. Every organization is unique. Tell us about your work requirements and company culture so we can help you find someone who will feel right at home on your team.


ASSESS Candidates Online

Use our data driven tools to look beyond the resume. Applicants undergo the online assessment to generate a PexiScore report that represents their personality and work ethics more accurately to predict fitment. The PexiScore report helps identify various strengths and weaknesses early on, so you're less likely to miss a great candidate.


SHORTLIST and Interview

Choose only the best. PexiScore makes it easy to compare and select the most promising candidates to interview, accelerating the hiring process and saving your precious business time and costs. Rate candidates online on a variety of attributes like domain knowledge, appearance, background, etc while shortlisting using our online Interview Dashboard.


HIRE the Right Fit

Hire the right person for the job. Be rest assured that your new employee was carefully chosen to be a perfect fit for your team.

What is a PexiScore?

PexiScore is a rating of how well a candidate fits to a specific job description.

Unlike a resume, a PexiScore represents the all-round personality of the candidate. The final score is a combination of:

  JD versus Resume Match
  Aptitude and Work Behavior Assessment
  Functional Skills Assessment

Use PexiScore as a hiring assessment tool to make intelligent decisions while shortlisting candidates for interviews.


PexiScore stands for People Excellence Indicator Score.

It makes hiring faster, smarter, better for free*

Aggregates Candidates

PexiScore is a platform where applicants applies and become part of recruitment process

Creates Standard Resume

Makes every resume recruitment ready

Customized Assessments

Assess candidates across aptitude, behaviour and functional skills

Initial HR Screening

Understand the candidate thoughts on basic HR Questions

Scoring for fitment

Create score for every candidate and see relative fitment across the job.

Dashboard to shortlist

Use filters and slice and dice the data to choose the right candidates for interview

Interview Scheduler

Schedule interviews and track progress

Document Manager

Review documents loaded by candidates for record management

Make the offer

Decide on the final candidate, make the offer and track response

The PexiScore advantage

Time Saving

Imagine interviewing 1/3rd the number of candidates you generally interview. PexiScore means you shortlist faster, fewer and smarter. In hiring, quality always trumps quantity. Book a demo and see our online pre-hiring platform in practice.

Xtreme Customization

PexiScore means you assess candidates for one job role, in one organization within one industry. This deep level of customization assesses a candidate comprehensively, in one phase, for skill fit, experience fit and personality fit.

Beautiful Simplicity

Setting up an assessment requires no tech know how and is an end to end, do it yourself process. The process itself is linear, logical and intuitive. After the first time, the online pre-hiring platform can replicate it for you again in one click.

Why You'll Love Us

Pexitics developed the 7AS© framework to assess applicants against job roles using a Scoring model, aptly named the People excellence indicator Score©
Our Framework works on the key principles of Statistical Scoring through Quantification of responses. It is based on HR Analytics framework and allows long-term engagement and understanding of workforce behavior using Analytics

The 4 large segments of measurement are a) Job to JD Match b) Aptitude Match c) Functional Skill Assessment d) Work Behavior Assessment

JD Match – Matches field-wise data with scaling for functional and experience hierarchy matches.
Aptitude Match – Contains four areas of assessment - English Comprehension, Logical Reasoning, Numeracy Tests, Situational Judgment Tests
Work Behavior Assessment – The Work Behavior Assessment is a proprietary questionnaire used to assess applicant behavior traits using positive & negative questions using Likert Scale timed assessment methodology. The questions are 94 in number and are segmented into outcomes in the following attributes- Motivation at Work, Drive for results, Personal Attribute, Leadership, Workplace Engagement
Functional Skills Assessment-This section allows applicants to be tested against functional skills which can be graded into three scoring segments; Critical | Important | Normal. The scoring logic uses this to calculate the applicant scores against the skills and showcase them as part of the composite PexiScore.

The Interview Scheduler is an unique platform that allows applicants to be put through an auto-scheduler for interviews and applicants can be scored and measured by Interview Panels for final Offer outcomes through an online platform. The final report will contain Interviewer comments and scores for the applicant.

A scoring model for hiring that has been conceived to ensure talent is quantified. It enables scoring an individual irrespective of industry and experience.

The report Framework assesses the candidate across 35 KEY ATTRIBUTES hierarchical scale across 7AS; these attributes are further slotted across 5 Functional Hierarchies from Standard to Leadership along maturity-driven sub-attributes. PexiScore 7AS framework has been created specifically for the field of Hiring Assessments and vetted by industry & academics in the field of human psychology.

Being an HR Analytics organization, we look forward for further engagement on areas of Learning & Development, Engagement, Performance, Attrition & Employee ROI using Data Science to help you discover Insights on Organisational behavior and growth.

The nerdy science stuff

7AS Framework

Our 7 Attributes Scale (7AS) is the culmination of work-related attributes set in a functional hierarchy to measure job fitment. This results in a PexiScore which is akin to a CIBIL Credit Score. The hiring tool includes job fit parameters that measure Job Description (JD) to Resume match and JD to aptitude, behaviour and functional skills scoring in one single assessment.

Data Science

Our data scientists are leaders in the field of analytics with rich experience in helping HR centric business solve business problems. The PexiScore algorithm was developed and tested to be found statistically accurate by experts.

HR Analytics

PexiScore is fuelled by HR Analytics knowledge, experience and practice. Watch the power of analytics transform your pre-hiring process through our hands on, robust Dashboard. PexiScore simplifies hiring and improves efficiencies in the assessment of candidates using HR Analytics through an online pre-hiring platform.

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